Here We Go, Mimom Asi

Will start a new captcha here.mimom1

Jadi setelah melalui banyak pemikiran, banyak obrolan dengan suami dan tidak lupa banyak bermimpi( hey! Mimpi kan gratis) We try to growing up our baby..

We named it mimomAsi. Mimom is my new name, after “mbak Ar” (people always call me mbak, dunno why)

Me,as a mimom/mommi breastfeed my children. Mbak H ( 34 months old) and ade S( 16 months old). Breastfeed isn’t easy. Mastitis,nipple crack(and bleeding..Ouch!), false position, lack of asip,tandem nursing, breastfeeding while pregnant, until baby blues syndrome,you named it.. Because of them, I really want to learn more about that things. That breastfeed’s things.

Thats why we give this baby website name, mimomAsi. Its a small bussines yet a daily blog for me, as a mommy,general practitioner, breastfeed counselor.

Lots of them will be around the theme..breastfeed and human milk(asi) but also..I will use it for my daily life blog (with two toddler)

Thank you for reading ! :*

P.S : I will use two language. Main language will be Bahasa, but I should practice use English. Wish me luck!

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